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WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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did some stuff with the frontpage lol

Changed some stuff around on the main pages; for one, i changed the "daily dyk" to just "dyk" because you and me both know that is no longer daily. (#`-_ゝ-)
messed around with mmm.page, something that sadgirl has linked in her webmaster links.... its too modern. built for the common person to link their socials and thats it. pretty much what it seemed like to me. i'll leave the test page full of greggory up til i manage to learn how to wrap and flex and grid and yadda yadda yadda. spent like two hours making a new button because I realized a few people have my button up and idk it felt really bland to me- which yeah, totally reflects the quality of the website so far but MAN... anyway, put up a poll to let YOU decide what i use. if u think i should keep the one i have just say so in the cbox. think i did something else but cant remember because brain bad.

Well holy heck I forgot to update the updates page over the past two weeks huh. Anyway, worked a bit on the dyk archive, made placeholder buttons and set up some code and comments for later; decided to scrap the character pages over an easier and quicker one page archive of character art over on the creative page. note that doesn't mean there will ONLY be oc art, because it is the "creative" page.... should probably rename the page to "meet the characters" and rework the site so its easier to map it.

Completely been forgetting to write the updates, oops. Changed main font some days ago, yesterday created random pointless page featuring riamu yumemi dead from cocaine abuse because it mirrors my emotional state lately! Also changed the way the stream page looked a few days ago- and plan to do so more today. TO DO: Create Links Page from scratch, make it look nice, it's an easy enough concept and can be knocked out in a day or so. Work on DYK Archive (I really let this one go as my attention span dropped huh). Set up pages for my characters? Or maybe it would be better to have it all in one page, with labels? Hm... Original idea may have been too ambitious.

Updated some formatting with webamp player on blog and update page, changed webamp skins as well.

Well, I didn't really do much. I'm not good at making my own graphics, but I worked on a splash page that people might see first, and then click into the website.... I may completely reverse that change because.... I don't know, I don't think it looks good. I made the blog page look a bit cuter earlier as well.

I have been a bit quieter the past few days, but that doesn't mean I'm done with this website! I want nothing more than to be learning and working on this garbage pile, but my god. Recent events have been kicking the shit out of me, and it doesn't stop when I'm down either. This isn't the blog page so I won't vent here, instead, site news!
Officially started work on the Did You Know Archive, I have basic structure laid out I think, I do want it to be orderly there- I'll go crazy on my character pages. The whole thing is being started from scratch, so it's a lot harder for me to work on, but I'm tired of being stuck to templates and reverse engineering things. I want a whole page I've worked on myself, plus this is early practice for when I go all out on the OC pages. I WISH I could simply blink and have the knowledge I need now, but I need a good while to study up, and not sure I can actually focus to do that with all the life stress I've had around lately.

Hey hey! Sick but I'm still getting some work done at least! I've got the Creative Corner all hashed out with my OC's on there. Other stuff'll come later, including six other pages for the characters themselves. I'm also wondering if I should change the blog page to be links to separate pages as well, instead of a straight feed of each blog post. I also want to add some structure to the stream page as well as an idea box or something.

Adjusted some of the naming conventions I had so far, it was getting difficult to link things together and someone gave me advice on the topic so I finally did that. Added the link to the DYK Archive to the navbar, no work has been done on it (yet). I got a bunch of new pictures of my OCs for the creative corner so there's something to look forward to! I kind of want to move the chatbox on the homepage to the left of the page, but... I'm not sure how to do it within the confines of the template. It's getting more and more apparent that my ADHD ass needs to sit down and check out some lessons and actually absorb the content.
I put some work in today... I did a bit of work on the creative page WOOOO... formatting, commenting, adjusting, linking, etc etc- it's coming along I suppose.

Alright, so today I first started working on a sticky sidebar so it would move around the blog page as you scrolled down. I may implement that here on the updates page as well but I feel like first I'd have to seriously consider how I could easily theme it to look proper if it did that. Later I will work on my about me(I said I would yesterday but I keep getting cold feet) and I also need to work on the creative corner soon. The sidebar was very rough to set up as sticky because of more issues I'm having with the template.... the more I try to do the more I notice how much I need to break away from this. Still, I appreciate it though. (I think I'm repeating myself these days...) Addendum: I have no clue why, but today is a "update the blog page as much as possible" kind of day. Added a silly little easter egg to it and started the arduous process of defining new classes of links- because having all the links under one container will prevent me from doing shit like that. Anyway, more updates later!

A bit late to update today, but I tried to make the main pages a bit more mobile friendly- I noticed I couldn't even see some of my links when I checked it on my phone the other day, so I bandaided the problem again until I figure out what I'm gonna do to fix it completely.... Gonna come back and write a bit about myself later I think in the about me- putting the creative corner off til tomorrow. I'd really like to have an oekaki section there too for people to draw on and swap doodles and all that, but I dunno how to go about setting that up yet.
We'll see!

I don't feel like I got MUCH done today, but I did do a large amount of graphic trolling for new stuff to use, and I also FINALLY started work on the OC and Creative page. The reason I put this off for so long is because I had all of my OC pictures on my >dying< hard drives in my pc that is currently defunct-- I booted it today and prayed I could get it to work long enough to move my files over. Well.... Mission accomplished! Pretty soon I'll have the whole thing set up, and I'm pretty excited. I got some ideas for this layout- acquired thanks to eggramen over on their site- and I'll be implementing them over the course of the next few days. I also have an idea for the 404 page- dunno if I can get this done simultaneously but I'm super excited about it. ALSO I FIGURED OUT BLINKING TEXT- and the importance of putting things in your stylesheet. Thank you all for 2,700 views so far!

made a trello for holding ideas and workflow. idk. be back later i am obsessed with dead cells rn

So I actually tried to fix up the about me page today, wrote a bit about my friends and ATTEMPTED to set the links up... frameset layouts are really weird. An error I kept coming across was the menu opening up links in it's own little box? Which I bandaided by forcing them to open in a new tab... Other than that, I've been trolling through fonts for a bit and might change those up tomorrow.

Barely really did anything today, I worked slightly on the about page to fix the problem I created last night. Also looking into making a hidden page at some point, I just really want to incorporate this footage somewhere, because the dreamcast means a lot to me. Intentionally broke my webamp player, so the guys over at the webamp server could see what happens when I add the initialwindowlayout script to the page-- I.E it freaking disappears. I'm trying to figure out how to move it around the page freely, so it's not in the way of text when the page opens..
I GUESS I'm working on trying to get that About me page up and running first, and then I'll work on adding a bunch of my OC designs and stuff to the OC page. I wonder if people would like me to open an archive of Daily DYKs too....

Well, I prettied up the updates page a bit. Changed webamp skin here and the whole shebang. Also fixed the look of the blog page. Looks so much better than the transparent waterfall idea. As far as my main page goes... I added a chatbox! Gonna use it for chat/comments/QnA and such things. It's a bit stifled and cramped but when I learn more about positioning and such, I'll probably go back and fix that.
Honestly, between you and me, having decent looking page backgrounds is kinda rough. I always took it for granted, but I guess at some point I'll have to branch away from sadgrl's template at one point or another. Still super grateful she even put that together btw, had it not been for her template I likely wouldn't have started this life project.
Tried Testing a bunch of shit to work into my about page, I grabbed a cute little monochromatic frame layout from Lovely Designs, and was attempting to center a video behind it for some flavor..... But... as anyone who opens that will see, I have FUCKED something up majorly. Will figure it out later.

I ended up adding a ton more songs to the webamp player, I hope everyone enjoys the intentional tonal whiplash that is all over the place here (* ̄3 ̄)╭
Also bandaided the problem of my player's position, the marquee link at the top takes you directly to the webamp player... I gotta figure out how to move that thing at some point. <(_ _)>
Actually went back and did some stuff on my blog page, added a whole rant about Sonic (real original, right?) and attempted to make it look nice...... but it looks like a mess. I'll fix it tomorrow. Gn everybody. (_ _)。゜zzZ

I actually decided to make the updates separate from the main page, as it was gonna get a bit cluttered otherwise... I also added some buttons to the marquees to some of my favorite websites I've seen so far!

Added my idea of a Daily Did You Know box to update daily! I'm excited to share little factoids or funnies with everyone!

I figured out how to add songs to the webamp playlist! I also experimented with marquees! I managed to hyperlink my stream and make maximize it! Check the >>>Stream<<< Link to watch! Moved the starting position of webamp player too.

I made a Guestbook! Finally added some text...


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