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December 15th, 2023 1:01AM

I'm not dead yet! Things do look to be on the up and up for me, or maybe just slightly up? IDK, Either way, I'm trying to be positive lately and shrug things off if I need to.
I recently watched a few shows, tried updating some of my backlong on Myanimelist, and realized I was hit with the urge to update the website. To change it somewhat as well, as I wanna add a portal page and hope to connect a bit more of the second version of the site to itself... Which would include a LOT of conversion, so I'm not sure how committed I am to that.
Just know I missed you all... even with imposter syndrome I do still check the activity feeds quite a bit... Might be because I feel both like I do and don't belong here. I've been paralyzed from even updating, rather blogging, because I didn't want to "just update the blog again." It's really silly that I set these limitations on myself like they mean anything, but I adhere to them all the same. I love y'all, and I hope you like the idea of a reviews page at least, to keep me more active. I'll have to jury-rig it somehow since I already screwed the pooch on the stylesheet but, I wanna update more often.
See y'all later...

August 25th, 2023, some time who knows

-entry deleted-

July 25th, 2023, 5:41PM

I didn't blog at the start of the month huh. Well. As sick as I seem to stay with no help from any doctors, I don't see the point anymore. Updating, doing anything, existing. It's so tiresome trying to do anything only to begin dropping energy at an instant when I'm fully prepared.
I don't even know anymore.

July 4th, 2023, 12:07AM


June 15th, 2023, 11:19PM


Well, I went another two months without updating my blog or putting anything out there of substance as far as the site itself goes, but I'm probably back again for a week or so. Y'know, before I beat myself down while gawking at so many other talented webmaster's sites. ....

I wasn't very studious as a kid. Back then I went to school, came home, sat in front of the TV, played video games, and slept. K-7th grades I generally did nothing but that. I didn't make very many friends back then, I was too silent... Too reserved. (I'm going somewhere with this, trust me.) 8-12th I started making friends, going to their houses to play games and hang out. Fun times to reminisce on. My grades were always high (save for gym in high school. They kept docking me letter grades because I didn't want to change clothes. I didn't care.) As and Bs, though I wasn't the greatest at math.
College came and went, I majored in Information Systems Technology and I have a useless degree now, because the phrase: use it or lose it... actually holds weight. Studying and focus was always a problem for me, those of you who've seen my ADHD posts probably get why, but I could never sit still and focus on learning. I would learn through demonstration just fine, though.

Would you believe it if I said I literally just forgot where I was going with this? That can't be normal. Anyway, I'm trying to say that I'm TRYING to make a website worth looking at, a website that'll feel like a new home, a website that will succeed where the modern web fails. My problem, is that I can wish and want to do something with all of my power and STILL not be able to get started, continue, or finish things.
I am the webmaster here, so I suppose really I've got all the time left in my life to do so; it's just so frustrating... I feel like a disappointment to everybody.
Streaming has started to feel empty again. This happens to me all the time. I've been streaming for seven years now, I've not got much to show for it, really. The only thing that lifts my spirits is making friends through it. I really end up treating everyone like a friend, when I started streaming I wanted to imagine everyone coming in were just friends I hadn't met in a long time. Nowadays, I know how many toxic people are out there but I just can't help myself to try and be welcoming to everyone. Quality doormat, I guess.
This is such a cynical post today. I feel like I should stop typing before I irritate everyone with the horrid mood my tooth pain is putting me in, and I BELIEVE I WILL.
Thanks for reading...

April 13th, 2023 12:30PM

Well, it looks like I can only do things if I get off my butt first thing in the morning and force myself to do it. I don't really FEEL like writing a ton or messing with the website (as much as it stays on my mind) but I'll get this out of the way: I'm gonna apologize. I know I somehow built like a small following here which is still nuts to me, and I'm sure some people wanted to interact with me more often than like, once or twice a month... I just can't focus. On top of that, my memory is getting worse even. I'm meant to take a test for dementia soon, I really hope there's no signs of early onset or something like that... Alzheimers runs in the family, that's a reason I've always wanted to do like charity stuff for the Alzheimers Association. One of my goals was to get big enough that I could help them raise thousands in charity, maybe we could find some way to work the human brain back to where it's meant to be... reverse stuff like that. Well..
I'm getting off topic. Like the topic exists everywhere and nowhere, constantly in my head so-
Anyway. I had an eventful early April. First week I thought my mother had actually died. I got a random text message that I missed for 20 minutes from her saying: "hepj," then one containing the facebook messenger help page link, then another saying: "hll." When I saw this I immediately started to panic, texting, calling for 35 minutes, just genuinely freaking out because I guess this is the risk you run when you live away from those you care about. I tried calling the apartment building's office, tried talking to the upkeep guy: he goes "eh im not there right now you should probably call the office," completely useless. I called 911 and learned that 911 not only has country differences, but regional differences as well. My 911 is not the same 911 as the emergency line in her area. So I got that number, called them, and panicked to the dispatcher since in the chaos I couldn't even remember the exact address...
They managed to get a patrol car down there and found her in half an hour... She had been cleaning her car out trying to look for her sugar machine (diabetes) and apparently her phone was lost as well. Freaked me half to death myself but she told me later that day she hadn't slept for three days nor eaten properly. (She does this and I genuinely don't understand how she manages to survive, more fuel to the fire when I worry like this.) For the most part I was relieved but I still stress, yknow?
I probably shouldn't even be talking about stuff like that, it doesn't seem very professional and feels a lot more personal but this is... IDK. It's just the events of my life, I guess. I DID go see her during the Easter weekend, my girlfriend and I stayed til Monday... It was uneventful for the most part, but I'm just glad I got to be up there. My gf and I argued before we went down there, neither of us even knew it was Easter til her mother invited her over, but we went to my mom's due to what had happened and her knowing my mom doesn't have another way to see me.
Changing topic completely; Thank you Miela for helping out with my sponsor the other week, and even posting about it! I'm shocked Streamelements unbanned me from the program, assumed I'd be banned forever due to their own mistakes but I guess a higher up had a change of heart. I'm still getting more sponsors, so go me! I just hope I make under the national tax margin.. teehee.
Speaking of revenue... God I hate Twitch so much. It's such a terrible platform that abuses literally every creator, and the only reason anyone sticks around is because the competitor is... Youtube, which is Google so... In any case, I was under the impression I was making BANK this month because a specific chat member of mine went a bit crazy with his tax return and commission cash... Dropped about 60 or 70 subs? that's 4.99 * that amount by the way, divided by 2 because twitch takes 50% of all profits. Insane right? Why would anyone put that much into me? I'm really not worth it, not worth anywhere near that amount even divided in half. Buuuut as it stands, that happened on April 1st. A stipulation which, while I was completely unaware of, was already in play preventing me from getting that help this month. Twitch evidently pays attention to 18-19 days out of a month when it comes to revenue. Anything past the last day of the month flips over to the NEXT earnings cycle. Actually bonkers.
So, we're living with a crushed soul and empty wallets. Not too surprising, not too different from the norm even, but... IDK. Somehow my mom has found the strength to just power through everything in her life, debt and health included, so I have to try as well. Living day by day, I guess.

If I get the motivation, I'll post some actual postive stuff that's happened tomorrow.
I'll see you guys when I see you. Or read you? Either one, really.

March 10th, 2023 12:38PM

Dear god. More than a month since my last update. Well, I'm not dead! I wish I could tell you all that it's because really serious shit has been going on, but that isn't the case. I also haven't stopped wanting to work on the website, but... I'll be real. Hyperfixation is a hell of a drug. You know what isn't? Atomoxitine. Supplementary ADHD medication given to college students (allegedly.) This shit sucks!
I finally ended up being able to speak with the psychiatrist in charge of diagnosis and he agreed with me that I may need medication to help my focus. However, because of my age and because I'm a good for nothing NEET, they aren't legally allowed to give me proper ADHD stimulants in this state. So I was given supplementary medication that aren't stimulants. And... They have done nothing positive at all! I've been on them for nearly three weeks now (I was going to start updating again once I had been able to regain focus on the things I want to do with ADHD medicine, but whatever-) and I've only seen NEGATIVE EFFECTS! For one, I'm nearly always dehydrated, and if you know me you know that's strange. I already drink 7-8 bottles of water a damn day, and now I'm dehydrated while drinking the same amount? Rediculous. Also, it completely zombifies me. You guys know I'm a streamer and love interacting with people, (as much as an introvert can) but this medication genuinely makes me despise opening my mouth at all. Like I am possessed by some spirit who just can not physically open their mouth to do anything but eat. It's so damn frustrating. I'm going to talk to the psych about the medicine and tell him whats up, because this shit is not helping me learn or do ANYTHING.

I do miss blogging and updating and I miss all my friends here as well, I only really keep contact with one or two people I met here and I barely am able to do that...
In Feburary I posted an image of unity with probuilder plugins, and was going to make it my mission for the month to work exclusively on the snowglobe walking sim idea I have had for months but yeah... lack of focus... that shit has not gotten past the design phase. What else...
I got all of my problem teeth pulled! Seven teeth total, that includes the two wisdoms that were unnecessarily taken from me... But everything is fine now! I can even eat chips if I want- I don't really like chips anymore- and burgers! Oh my god, burgers... MONCH. All that being said, I get these weird... phantom pains occasionally where my teeth were- and those trigger the same kinda migraines so I can only assume it was always a nerve problem in my mouth........ but that's far less common than the pain I was dealing with before! Thank god.

I never got anywhere with that Spark the Electric Jester retrospective either.... I think when I experience games on my own, I'll start taking notes now because when it comes to writing something up AFTER the fact... I fall so flat all the time. I used to be a writer- in high school and in college- but my skills have degraded so far that... I find it hard to even begin to write. These blogs take a lot out of me even, and that's just retelling things that have happened! Well at least...

I got to see my mom for the first time in four months! She's doing much better than she was... I don't really know if I should be talking about personal details like this here but; she was essentially in a shelter for that long. You've all heard the stories about battered women in abusive relationships who still try to give their all to it because they're incredibly kind and naive people? Yeah... My mother is way too good of a person for her own good. She wasted years on something I always tried to tell her would not end well, and yeah- it didn't. So now there's some 60 year old dude on the run from the state government, probably hopped the state lines so he can't even be served a prison sentence and my mother was in a shelter out of fear and convinced them to help her move much further away than she was before. I'm just glad our junker of a car can make it out to where she is, because I'm kind of a momma's boy so if I'd lost my momma I dunno what I'd do.

BUT TO KEEP IT HAPPY we were all able to go out and get Sonic (i don't actually like sonic burgers, they taste like frozen patties from the grocer) and even had a home cooked meal; porkchops, alfredo, macaronis, cornbread, mashed potato- thanks to my Aunt that I had never met who has been helping my mom get on her feet. I ended up moving a ton of stuff between her old place and her new place, and grabbed some of my old stuff as well. My back kinda hurts since I've been doing it for two days, but everything is awesome right now.
Again, I feel really strange divulging all of this but it's my own blog/diary so whatever.

Gonna be streaming at least 8 to 11 games tonight for FIGHTING GAME COMMUNITY FRIDAY, so that'll be fun. Oh, speaking of streaming. I've been learning to code for a core called SAMMI (it is very tough) and that's been leveling up my streaming layouts and stuff. I've been very pleased with the progress we've made... Deja Vu 2 is gonna be on the 17th, next friday. I had so much fun with that stream, just being able to.. literally talk with chat and enjoy myself. Instead of having to spread my focus between a game and chat. Is that how vtubers feel normally? I wish I had a fraction of their energy all the time.

Anyway, I'm sorry to have been away, it will happen again. I love and appreciate all of you who deal with my garbage, and let me just drop a cute beanie baby here for everybody to enjoy.

Cheezer the mouse.
Birthday: May 9, 2000.
“I hide in holes throughout the day
But when night falls I want to play
I sneak around and look for cheese
So be my friend and help me please !”

Feb. 3rd, 2023 10:08AM

I make no promises. I'm trying.

Feb. 2nd, 2023 8:56AM

I was gonna blog sooner or at least update but let me tell you what, I've been DESTROYED by my dental surgeon. The idea was that I finally get my infected tooth pulled and I stop having sinus issues and migraine (due to the tooth, chronic migraine is altogether something else) but duuuuuuuuuuude!!!!!!!!!!! The Surgeon came in with the X-Ray and was like, "Hey so you still have your wisdoms? Wanna get the top ones pulled out alongside your problem teeth today?" And because I am incredibly too trusting with medical professionals, I told him "I-if you think I should... :)))))"
Well of course he pulled them. I got 5 teeth taken out, and the wisdoms are the worst, because the swelling is STILL bad nearly a week later. My enunciation is going to change of course, but I don't think I should still be UNABLE TO OPEN MY JAW COMPLETELY..... I can barely eat anything because of it. And I'm not even going to talk about the pain in detail, I've been on hydrocodone/ibuprofen cocktails just to get through the day.

I am however on my PC again since the other day, and I've just been trying to rest, lay back in the recliner, and play video games to pass the time.
I started and completed Spark the Electric Jester 3, and was blown away by how I've been missing out in this series. TEJ has been on my radar for nearly 5 years now, but I've always ignored it due to the high price,(and inability to play a demo or anything.) Yet with the christmas sale, I picked up TEJ3 on impulse and forgot about it til now (╯▽╰ )
That being said, I LOVE this series, it's actually hype as fuck. I think I'll write up a review on it when I manage to finish sequel, but I just did the second story of TEJ1 and I ADORE the vocal track in this game. It shocked me because I heard it during the DLC2 in the third game, and I had tried to find the song online before then but to no avail. Anyway, I feel like it's early day crush40 esque. Insane how this has simply hovered on my radar for so so long; I've been missing out hardcore. Here's the track:

Hype as hell right? In any case, let me stop rambling so much- Like I said, I want to write up a full review on all the mechanics, story, and feel of the games later.

It snowed again at least! I mean, here, a view from near town: how could you look at this and NOT think that snow is beautiful?

With all that said, I'm gonna dip. I have stuff to do today and pain to grin and bear, so I'll see you lovely folk later! Stay safe, and have a wonderful day!

Jan. 25, 2023 2:37AM

I'm blogging mainly because I'm starting to really feel awful about my lack of motivation to work on the site. It's not even really that I'm doing anything, just that when I have free time I'm sitting here absorbed by literally nothing, staring at the ceiling for long periods of time.... Then I get angry about all the time wasted and the cycle continues---
Ignore this whining. I'll spew some actual coherent thought here.

Let me talk about one thing. It's not something I talk about often, I keep it to myself because my circles don't really care for stuff like this, but lets discuss shipping in the sonic franchise. barring super gross stuff like sonicxtails (seek help) or creamx(anyone besides tails, hell even then, seek help) I believe everyone is free to ship who they want to ship for whatever reasons they want to ship them. I appreciate and respect you more when you've got a good reason for it (SilvEspio shippers have been clinging to one thread for the past sixteen years... good god i'm ancient..) and I actually would enjoy discussing reasons for ships- I just kind of fell out of the sort of crowds that'd like stuff like that as I grew up.
All that being said, yes there's a thought that prompted all of this:

Let's talk about Shadamy. Content Warning: Abuse Mention I know that most Shadamy shippers will say things like "Amy brings out the best in shadow!" -in reference to literally the one scene from the end of sonic adventure 2, where amy uses her natural ability to care for and sympathize with others in an attempt to get shadow to help everyone. This much is common knowledge... but... I struggle to find other sources of this kind of interaction. I have read the archie and IDW comics, and I vaguely recall maybe once or twice that they interacted, but never to the same level of importance. HOW-EVER. If I wrote shadamy off like this, it'd be tarnishing my ideal CRACKship of Silvamy. (yeah, we all know i'm weird already, don't give me that look.) I will discuss my stance on my crackship in another post when I'm lacking things to blog or update about.

In any case, Shadamy I feel has the possibility to work simply due to Shadow's deep connection to someone who had already had that selfless, caring personality. Maria Robotnik, who truthfully was more of a sister to shadow than anything else, is such a haunting memory in his head, but one of a loving soul who cared not for how he came to be, but for who he was. I could even think of a dozen emo and angsty scenes playing out IN a shadamy situation because of this, and I don't quite hate it as much as I used to. However, I feel ultimately a relationship between the two would fall apart due to Shadow's sense of guilt and regret, and one scenario might even be that he would begin to lash out at her because of his bottled up emotions. Many things might happen as a result of this, a schizm between the heroes as news gets out that shadow has laid a hand on amy, the freedom fighters keeping their guard up and having the city on alert because one of its own has been abused--- I'm getting ahead of myself, thats just one negative scenario out of a dozen. I really do think that truthfully, the only real Amy ship that could work in the long run would be Sonamy... (blazamy shippers, please understand that your ship is just as cracked as my silvamy one is as well.) It has the most material backing it up, theres tons of official stuff out there showcasing how healthy her love and admiration for sonic is (despite what the antis would tell you) and it kinda just... seems like that's always been the direction this would go in ultimately as well.

And that's been one of a few opinions of mine on pink cartoon hedgehogs. thanks for coming to my ted talk. also... if i still remember it in a few days.... i may have a surprise project in the works... (but something a bit different than finishing the site up-- sorry!!! {{{(>_<)}}}

(this is timestamped earlier bc i fell asleep at the keyboard (∪.∪ )...zzz

Jan. 22, 2023 at 9:42pm

Let's go! Baby! Friends World!

Jan. 14, 2023 at 6:15pm

LOL. I guess I do live in the past sometimes. For context, both of my last blogposts lead with "Jan..... 2022." What a dummy. That is a classic mistake though, oh well. Anyway guys... it snowed today! I've been sad for the past while because it only snowed once this winter, and I'd been wishing every day for snow... And we finally got it! On a day I had to go out no less, the monkey's paw curled hard there. Everything was totally fine though, nothing worrying happened. I bring it up because snow is my favorite weather, snowy grass and hills, the chilly temperatures making it both easier and harder to breathe at the same time, your breath appearing in front of you... I've never gotten over it since I was a kid. Everything is so beautiful covered in snow. I live in a mountainous region, so when I go out to town and look up at the mountains, hills, and valley covered in it... It takes my breath away. (✿◠‿◠) Sometimes we move so fast that we think we have to get things done IMMEDIATELY or else we're going to be failures... I'm very guilty of this, you can find it right here in my blog. But.... Winter weather and the snow reminds me that I should slow down. Keep my focus on things that deserve it- you don't have to belittle yourself because you can't figure something out or get something done right then and there. I feel like I've wasted a lot of my life, it's true, so you'd think slowing down is not something I'd find enjoyable; but... Winter, man. I love it. (^∀^●)
I don't know if everyone saw that I got into a webring! It's a silly little 'self-insert' webring, but it's a big one! 247 users! Wow... Anyway, watch Isekai Ojisan if you have any love or admiration for SEGA. I heard the anime even got little posterboard advertisements for other games overseas! That's so cool. The premise is that the uncle of the main character was in a coma for 20 years since 1993, and he's waking up from being in another world. (isekais are generally overpopulated but this one is unique enough to keep my attention) He still has access to all the magic he used in the other world as well, and uses it to retell his experiences there in the other world, so essentially the uncle IS the main character. It's a fun romp and I swear to god I almost cried when I heard 'Dreams, Dreams' play in this show. (the NiGHTS theme song for those who are uninitiated.)
The character I used for the webring can be summarized as a stinky shut in who doesn't want to work basically. I'll spoil a bit of it so if you don't want spoilers skip ahead a paragraph. Got it? Cool. (ʘᴥʘ)

Mabel is from a long lineage of people who have defended the sacred ice sword due to it's capabilities of supposedly being the only thing that can defeat the fire dragon living on a distant mountain, should he ever go berserk. Uncle obviously kills this dragon with no difficulties, and without the sword. So... the villagers in the town nearby her home kick her out because she makes it very very cold for them with her frost magic LOL. She whines and whimpers her way around Uncle because it's his fault she has to leave (a la Misty's bike) but eventually does grow into being a bit more well-mannered.

Alright, spoilers done.
I really really hope we get another season of this; as far as I'm aware it's not even a serialized manga series or anything, it's more of a webcomic that hit the jackpot with SEGA and the anime studio it got with. Even though the studio delayed it multiple times.... causing it to 'technically' be the 'longest running season of anime in 2022...'
Well, I've spewed enough today, I love you guys! I'm sending well wishes to everyone this wonderful snowy day! *★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。

Jan. 10, 2023 at 2:30pm

Hey everyone. Haven't blogged in a hot minute. I don't want to feel like I'm abandoning this place because I love the sense of community here, and being able to have a place to call my own just to sit on in this wonderous world is a freeing feeling. I just have ADHD brainrot atm. Haven't had too much to say that I don't say during my streams, so I forget to come here and update everyone else.
That being said, Hi! I've been gaming and trying not to focus on negative stuff the past couple weeks. I've been looking into prototypes of video games like Rayman 4, Duke Nukem Forever, Dinosaur Planet, and more. I've also been playing pokemon fangames, some incredibly droll and boring like Pokemon Crown (Auto Chess was a mistake), and others a breath of fresh air once you get past the swamp that is the earlier gen gameplay like Pokemon Coral. Initially I was way waaay too hard on Coral, because the catch rates in this game are incredibly challenging, and making it out of early game is extremely hard to do. However once I found a bug with the exp. share, which was present in the original generation 2 games, I decided to abuse the hell out of it. I'm in mid-game now I believe, almost at the end of the demo. I'm very excited for the full release. I actually knew the dev before they started working on this, they used to edit Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart videos. (fantastic game btw please bring the community back for this)
Anyway, I'm signing off now. I managed to get a little bit of work I wanted done, but, some other stuff eludes me. Please be patient with me. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Jan. 1, 2023 at 5:28pm

Happy New Year everyone. I want to preface this with an apology if things get to sad or bleak or dark, but there is a light in this story after all. Yesterday was not a great start to what would be this year of 2023, my girlfriend's third and last bird passed away and it was a very tear heavy night for her and I as I know just how much her birds meant to her. I helped her bury Clyde and put her to rest with incense, we sat in the cold and mud watching it burn out before we went out and basically comfort ate everything we could last night. We got pizza hut, we had some taco bell, (but not at the combination pizza hut and taco bell, mind you,) and we even drank (well, I more than her; I'm a very empathetic person when I know someone so well, and with her sleeping after the ball drop I got extremely crunk on stream.) By the way, if you saw the very quick update I did last night? No you didn't. (◕‿◕✿)
Anyway, with the heavy stuff out of the way I have an appointment with a dental surgeon to get a bad tooth or two out, which MAY or MAY NOT be what is actually wrong with me when I wrote about my symptoms of shit. An infected tooth COULD very easily set up sepsis, but I really don't think this is what's wrong, my teeth are bad but not as bad as some google images I've seen. So this COULD be how I fix my problems.
I wanna blog more about games I'm playing, or blog more in general, as well as get this website to actually look decent- I keep trying to butt my head against the wall to learn how to do stuff with code but lately I feel so out of place that I may as well just pull up sadgrl's layout builder or get other free layouts and use that. But it's so unoriginal and more often than not, it isn't what I would call ME. I don't know man. Maybe it's just depression. Drinking last night felt really good, I hadn't done it in so so long- I felt so much release from it. Maybe I'll blog about the past another time, but for now I'll just say it again. Happy New Year, Neocities. Let's strive to get more done this year than we ever have before.

Dec.31, 2022 at 1:37am

My new years resolution is to get more done on this webpage. It's a frankensteinien monster right now but I need to patch more and more.

Dec.25, 2022 at 1:20pm

Well... Merry Christmas! I'm still hurting a lot and my head is pounding right now so I'm not gonna go and grab a ton of gifs like I did for thanksgiving, but I hope you're all having a very merry time with friends and family, eating good food, and having a wonderful time. Today is the day you enjoy and make sure those who you're close to know you care. Have a wonderful day everybody.

edit: Here's a Christmas Mouse. I love you all, peace, love, and positivity be with you.

Tiny Tim the mouse.
Birthday: December 25, 2005.
“Creeping through your cozy house
As quiet as a little mouse
I bring a special gift to you
And hope your Christmas dreams come true !”

Dec.21, 2022 at 8:15pm

It's been a while. I wanted to get this solved before I blogged but, clearly my state's healthcare system is so balls that I'm not able to get any help at all on the matter. Here, I'll just list out symptoms. Lightheadedness, lack of energy, hand and feet throbbing, eye twitching, migraine, face tightness, common blood pressure of 150/90+.
Definitely sounds like stroke symptoms. My grandmother who died from a heart attack had multiple strokes and I know what the signs are.
I went to the hospital today, they took six vials of blood and told me they found no enzymes that would indicate heart damage. I asked about stroke and they simply said they didn't find evidence of that either. Counting my chickens, I would say that's fantastic, hooray. However, this hospital is rated as the worst in state, and they also just let my grandfather die from a leaky heart valve. So that doesn't particularly inspire a lot of confidence in the ability of these people. For all I know, maybe they can't even read their test machines.
Spite aside, yeah, I've been having health issues. Hot off the trails of fixing my sugar levels too. Can't have anything good in life. I just can't take feeling like this anymore. I actively wished for the damn elevator to malfunction and smash me to death earlier. I don't know what the point of this is anymore other than to whine and ramble on. I've been trying to be a better person, I want people to be happy and I want them to be able to express that- I don't know why it's so wrong for me to want the same, but God must be ashamed of my existence or something because I just can't get anything to stay stable.
this might be the last time i update for a while, save for tomorrow. if i come home and i have the energy to stream at all (or even if i don't since these are basically my livelihood these days,) i'll add my current twitch sponsor to my page somewhere. idk. it's been real. I want to get to know more of y'all here on this website since I'm not the biggest fan of parasocial relationships but if it's meant to be we'll see.
Sorry for all of this, everyone. I feel fucking miserable even blogging about it though, I've always been taught to keep stuff like this mostly to myself. I'm sorry.

Dec. 14, 2022 at 4:22am

Little Children of Morganna.... Pray now, as hard as you can.
I finished volumes 1-3 of Dot Hack GU. I'm not sure whether to say the entire experience was great, but... I guess for the first 3, I'll give it a 7/10. You'd think I'd rate it much higher for an action JRPG that was able to hold my attention for around 50 hours... You'd think.....
I think I like the lore and aesthetics of the game, and the potential the series has much more than the game itself. Some of the characters were great, some barely existed(one's I liked more tbh), Haseo's growth over the course of the game was very refreshing... Getting usable guns in the last volume was a complete surprise, and changed the entire game tbh. I think I'll have more to talk about this game later- I need to add some music to the page and then go to sleep... So tired... (#`-_ゝ-)
I leave you with the lyrics of the Hulle Granz Cathedral, AKA Delta Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.
Der Mann mit Schatten ist auf
der Such' nach dem Abenddrachen
verreist und kommt noch nicht zurück.
Helba, Königin von Schatten stellt schließlich das Heer auf.
Apeiron, König von Lich[t], bewinkt.
Die verfluchte Welle ist gemeinsam zu bekämpfen.

and the translation:
Yet to return, the shadowed one
who quest for the Twilight Dragon
Rumbles the dark harth.
And Helba, Queen of the Dark, has finally raised her army.
Apeiron, King of Light, beckons. At the base the rainbow do they meet
Against the abominable Wave, together they fight

Dec. 13, 2022 at 7:45pm

Don't really have too much to talk about, or rather, I do, but I don't feel like talking too much at the moment... hm.

Let's brighten some things up!

Stirring the Mouse. Birthday: December 12, 2006. “While wandering so late at night I came upon a shocking sight A jolly man, right by our tree Who left some treats for you and me !”

Dec. 9, 2022 at 7:55pm

I've been meaning to get on and talk about a ton of stuff lately, update my dyks, work on the layout of the website... but my motivation is practically dead. Not for lack of wanting, I seriously want this site to become my second home- I've worked on it a bunch already, we have so many updates yadda yadda yadda, but it's still so basic. It's not particularly as creative as I'd like it to be, and that's just the result of the best EXECUTIVE DYSFUNCTION title holder in the world. Yeah. Not to brag but I find it hard to get things done. ၄ စ ౪ စ ၃
Anyway, what have you been doing instead of important things that need to be done Gummy? Well...
I've been addicted to playing Risk of Rain 2 again. Back in the day when it first came out, I'd only play on rainstorm(normal) and I'd rarely win runs without using command. I'll admit to being a little baby. This is me admitting it. (◕‿◕✿) IN any case, I've found it quite easy to play on Monsoon(hard) lately with the characters that I like using-- So instead I've been playing on Typhoon(Very Hard). This is a difficulty that is modded in to be exceptionally rough due to the player's health scaling worse, as well as enemy spawns scaling much higher. I do like to use character mods as well, but the difference between RoR's modding community over some others is that they try to match the challenge and difficulty of the game itself with mechanics and ideas that are in no way overpowered, yet are still game changers. Paladin is a character I initially thought was lame as hell, but I honestly think he might be my main now. I beat Typhoon and got his Grand Mastery skin.... IT'S FUCKING PROVIDENCE FROM RISK OF RAIN 1. THAT IS SO GODDAMN COOL!!!! Apologies for the vulgarity, but I have been wanting to gush about that for ages. I may even include a picture in a later update(unable to atm editing from mobile this is hell.) Anyway, my next goal is to see what Enforcers Grand Mastery skin is. Next on the docket..
So, Phantasy Star Universe is the second main MMO in the series made by sega, they had Phantasy Star Online on the dreamcast, with two revisions, however this game had it's home on PC, Xbox 360, and... it might've been on ps2 or ps3, I'm not a sony head so I dunno. This game has an expansive single player campaign, where the MMO is replaced with an RPG- essentially all aspects of the MMO are worked into the storyline as the 'world' of the game. Partner cards being a way to communicate, fast flying ships to travel to and from planets in the system, ecetera. In the single player campaign you play as Ethan Waber! Ethan is a hotheaded but loveable dope who really only has a single track mind. Getting the hots for his superior, Karen Erra, going after his father's killer, yknow... Hothead stuff.
Anyway all of that is just extra on top of what the game was created for, the Online mode. Online, you make your own character and while there wasn't really much direction, that simply adds to the charm and interaction that made the community strong. I've been playing with Anonicus and another friend, finally got them to download Clementine again and play with me some... I'm just grinding til I can get my axes again brotha. Love me some innaccurate but powerhouse weaponry.
Outside of this, I'll talk about the game awards tomorrow and some of the stuff that was announced during the show. Have a good one y'all!!!!

Dec. 6, 2022 at 5:05PM

I had a near death experience today. It was due to negligence in all honesty, but still. Our car/house keys are on a lanyard, and I usually put them on my neck when I buy groceries and get home, so I can carry more in my hands... Well. I opened the trunk today with the keys while they were still around my neck, and after I got the bags out, I uh... I slowly lowered the trunk as well as my body to get closer to it and I thought I could just drop it where I was and it would be fine. Even though I was so close to it, I got jerked down pretty hard at the back of my neck. In shock for a few moments I stood there and dropped the bags... but I gathered myself, made sure I was fine, and then realized that if it had jerked me any harder, I probably could have been paralyzed or worse.
I am such a dumbass.

Dec. 4, 2022 at 6:10PM

Well... I don't have much to complain about lately. I'm really only writing a blog post to make sure the page doesn't get dusty and decay; wouldn't want any spiders to start crawling around. That being said, I've been thinking about doing game or show reviews, writing down all sorts of random stuff just to feel like I exist. I don't really know how to explain it, I'm starting to feel... Not real. I go live and there are people who show up; but by the end of it when I want to lift a smaller streamer up, no one is there to join the raid. I try working on my website, I get disappointed when I'm unable to be instantly gratified, or I feel bad about not working on specific aspects of it and I'm paralyzed from doing anything for the rest of the day. Yesterday, I drew chao from SA2. I thought I was having fun, but when all was said and done and I crawled into bed at 2am... I couldn't help but wonder: Did I really have fun? Did any of that really happen? How do I know I enjoyed myself? I think I did but...
Yeah.... I've. Had some seriously strange thoughts lately. Scary even. Let's move on to a different topic.
I'm shocked we have 8k on neocities now. I'm surprised anyone even decided to look at the website to begin with, but I couldn't have imagined we'd get this many views AND FOLLOWS. I'm around 20 right now I think? You guys actually like what I put on this blog/website? Man... I appreciate all the support. I'm like, super dumb and can't focus so progress has been slowed to a crawl around here. I do love it here though. Meeting new people and having nice short chats with you nice folk does a lot to keep a poor Gum's spirits high. Oh! I also wanted to talk about something else.
I used fiverr for the first time this week... Ordered some overlays and screens. They came out looking really good; but... you all probably know by now, with the livestream page's existence that I go by "gummyjon" elsewhere. I'm trying to just drop the "jon" part all over the place, it's not that it's not who I am-- but I've been confused about myself for a little while now so I'd like to just be Gummy. Anyway, point being: the screens all have gummyjon on them... Even though I asked for them to only say gummy.......... I used all my revisions up too so I couldn't just ask for it to be changed.... Or maybe I could've and I'm just too much of an anxious mess to ask any more of someone. Who knows?
Anyway, I am alive and well, despite my fluctuating existence and totally estranged emotions lately. Thanks again for 8k!!!

Nov. 30, 2022 at 4:40PM

My brain lately has been underperforming as hell. I want to work on the website but when I sit down to learn I can't focus. I don't want this blog post to remain on the negative but I made a new page from the about section essentially mirroring how I've felt the past week and a half.
Positives. Been playing .Hack G.U. for a while now. It's incredibly coincidental that I'm just NOW getting into the series, since it had it's 20 year anniversary this year. I kind of avoided the series like the plague since I was young. I woke up slightly one night when I was little, and overheard the japanese ED of the original .hack anime and... I firmly believe that is what gave me some insane nightmares for like a week. IDK. Something resonated in little gum's brain and sent me into perpetual mental torture for a week lol.
Anyway, the game is great- very cutscene heavy but it's an RPG, so I expected this. The game is designed to be a single player MMO experience, or as close as it can get for that age. You play as Haseo, a complete edgelord who has gone through tough depression over the course of a 24 episode anime which I did not watch- and Haseo grows over time and becomes more caring and understanding etc etc etc. It's rather cliche but I love the MMO aesthetic of it all; I used to play Phantasy Star Universe's Extra Mode all the time by myself, because I didn't have internet connection.
More positives.... Placid Plastic Duck Simulator! It's silly, a game that has literally no gameplay whatsoever has captivated me so- I imagine I'll drop it in a week but running it in the background and then coming back to it to see new ducks has been a very chill and stimulating experience. Perhaps the cure to ADHD is to dangle keys in front of the faces of the afflicted, because that's what I see this as- and it's working. Course, I'm not getting shit done, but... Whatever man! There's a duck that can fly out of bounds! It rocks!
Back to negatives; I was supposed to visit my dietician out of town today, but the taxi service I use just didn't show up in time to get me to my appointment an hour away. Not the first time it's happened, in fact I think I moaned about it before here. I cancelled without letting the driver know so if he truly was "on his way" then he must've gotten a silly little lecture for wasting time (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.). Asshole. There's a lady in the service who never fails to get me to my appointments, but anytime a guy is driving it just seems like they can't FIND my place. Christ sake, it's really not that difficult. Whatever.
I had an appointment with my psychiatrist on Monday that I missed too, I went at 12 and it was at 9 apparently. Soooooooo Cool. I was going to talk to her about trying to get back onto ADHD medicine(I was medicated when I was younger, couldn't imagine having gotten a wasted associates without it) but now I'm stuck calling every week to see if anyone made any cancellations, or else I have to see her in FUCKING FEBURARY!!!! Fantastic I know...
Man.............. ALl this stress and executive dysfunction I've had lately has left me with ZERO time to really understand myself, and the .hack escapism has got to stop, I know.... But.... I've got two volumes left so I might as well finish that.
Later, y'all.

Nov. 24, 2022 at 1:30PM

Happy Thanksgiving, Neocities! Sit down, sit down, we aren't gonna get too festive. I just wanted you to all know how thankful I am for 6,000 views! I also wanted to blog about the things I'm thankful for, as is the tradition since I'm not making some big facebook post this year as my friends have all scattered off that hellsite finally.
Speaking of friends, my god I have some of the best friends you can ask for. I wish we all lived closer to each other, but as I always say "online friends are still real friends," even if older folk and some therapists don't think that's the case. Anonicus, Dadhoc, of course I'm thankful for those two. Hell, Anonicus pulled me out of debt and fed me this morning. How could you not call him a saint? I don't even think I'm worth that.
I'm thankful my mother is still around. I'm such a ditzy forgetful nutcase that I don't even remember half my life, and my mom is so supportive of me even though I've moved out. We never had the most when I was growing up, but she definitely did her best to spoil me and make sure I was happy, so I couldn't ask for any more than that.
I'm thankful I have such a supportive girlfriend that when I bring up wigs completely off-hand, she tries to pull me into a conversation about how she'd be there for me and support me even if I was to "come out" as something else. I'M THANKFUL, HON, BUT I JUST WANNA COSPLAY OKAY? LOL.
I'm thankful that even though I'm a relatively small twitch channel, that I've still met some wonderful people and chatters thanks to me just sharing my dumbass playing games. I'll tell a story I haven't told too here- I started streaming not only because of Vinesauce, but also because of my friend when I was in High School. I'd always chill on the bed and watch him play single player games- my choice. I just had fun talking shit or making sillies while watching him play. Honestly? A real chat member disposition, but I try to make streaming work. I've been doing it since early 2015. That's a long time. Granted I've done it on and off on occasion, and the stream anxiety has caused me to stop streaming for months at a time a few times, but hey- I'm still standing. That's gotta count for something.
I'm thankful I managed to get started here on neocities thanks to sadgrl, and I'm thankful to those who've thought my stuff was interesting enough to follow- I feel shame that I haven't been able to transform this website into something fantastical yet, and I feel I'm letting y'all down for it, but I'm working at it! Bit by bit, we're getting there.
Anyway, I hope everyone stuffs themselves full of wonderful food today, and enjoy yourselves! You deserve it.

Nov. 22, 2022 at 4:45PM

Hey, I'm still totally in debt due to Streamelements! Other than that though, the past two days have been quite swell. Yesterday I decided to pull out my 9 inch crt to hook up my Dreamcast and go through some of my old burnt discs that my dad gave me when I was younger. They're all part of some of my biggest treasures, even though 90% of them don't work. I set it up for a stream and it was crazy, but I actually finally finished Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo on normal. I love the last fight, it's hilarious, Dan comes out and the game pretends that he's the final opponent, when all of a sudden Akuma comes out of nowhere and raging demons' his ass. Anyway, a few of my favorites were still working, like Capcom Vs. SNK Millenium Fight 2000 and the Nesticle emulator. (❁´◡`❁) I won't lie, I love the Wii too but the Dreamcast will always be my favorite console. It's still dreaming, after all.
Today I'm having a good day too, outside of tooth pain, because I was reminded my fav show is back for a second season. Inside Job is an adult comedy show by Gravity Fall's creator Alex Hirsch about a group of people who work for Cognito Inc. a Deep State branch running about every conspriacy you can think of. The protagonist is a take no shit badass female scientist who struggles with her emotions and is always sabatoged by her terrible glory-seeking father. I'm binge watching the new season that released a few days ago, I super super recommend it! (There's one terrible character that never gets better tho, and that's Mike the mushroom. If you don't like him, don't expect anything meaningful out of his character because there is none.)
Alright, having finished binging the new season I'm here to begrudgingly say... it's good. It made me cry. Made me think about my own happiness, what amount of it that I have. I won't spoil, just, give it a watch or a binge.

This page needs more positivity, have Tiny!

Tiny the mouse. Birthday: November 11, 2009. “I’m small and white and very sweet From my long pink tail to tiny feet And if you offer some tasty cheese I’ll quickly say I’d love some please !”

Nov. 19, 2022 at 5:07PM

Oh boy oh boy do I have stuff to bitch about today. Streamelements, the middle-man I go through to get twitch sponsorships has fucked me big time. Evidently one of my sponsorships has been rendered null and void, including refund a month and a half after the fact- and they are trying to charge me back the cash they paid out to me. This is bullshit, as I am the sponsee here, and I don't even know what the fuck went on. It's asinine that they are unable to cover their own ass in situations like this. Actually more rediculous that they are pushing this problem on their associates as I'M not even the only one this has happened to. I have no idea what is going on- so I tried to go into town to my bank to check about overdraft protection... only to find out my bank isn't even open on Saturdays. Great. So I have to be awake at 6am on monday morning to call in to my bank and make sure THEY pay for it, so I'm only owing the bank. No clue how that's gonna happen.
I'd talk about yesterday but I don't really feel like it either to be honest. Sorry for all the strong language here, I'm absolutely torn apart by this random charge that is gonna cost me quite a bit this week. Might be back later to ramble, but don't expect any real site work to be done today. Jeez. See y'all later.

Nov. 16th, 2022 at 8:20PM

Tonight was anime night for me. After catching what I presume to be the flu (my covid test came back negative, thank god. I'd die if I had to go through those chills again,) I decided to settle in and catch up to some anime I'd been ignoring for the past few weeks. Dunno why, I just kinda stopped watching. There's tons of good stuff coming out this season if you're into it-- SpyxFamily is kind of a normie pick IMO, but it's really good. I get attached to the whole father-daughter relationship in media, especially when it's about attempting to be a good dad. I'm not on great terms with mine- I love David Productions animation direction for the remake of Urusei Yatsura. If you didn't know, that's where the space princess Lum-chan comes from. I've seen her around the internet from time to time posted in places with many people assuming she's just a "random anime design," so I feel like it's a little obscure.
I finally bit the bullet and watched what there was of BOCCHI THE ROCK today. Holy shit. I am blown away by the insanity that the animators have poured into this show, though I think I should say SOUL instead. Truly, watching Bocchi has had me crying multiple times.
and even debating making a vent blog page....
It's a show about a girl who went her whole life without friends and wants to be in a band so that she can say she's successful and popular. I'd be lying if I said I didn't relate to this at all, but, only a little. My school years is another story to tell at another time. Anyway, this show sets itself apart from WataMote by having a main character who is actually competent and capable of growth.
The other show I watched today (I only watched these two, I just wanted to put the good shows out there) is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I know Isekai anime are a dime a dozen, and it's not like I watch every single one of these that come out- in fact I actually hold a grudge against the genre due to the disappointment of Slime Isekai and Arifureta. This one though... It appeals to that father-daughter media yet again. Someone who reincarnates in a different world is brought into the world as a goddamn sword. Fortunately, he seems to be able to move through telekenisis, so he lucks out here. Anyway, to spoil a bit of it to pull you in: he's found by a catgirl from the black cat race- and they form a pact to get her to evolve and become stronger, and he an owner. This essentially grows into a teacher-pupil but more father-daughter like relationship and I find it adorable. It falls into a ton of the Isekai trappings a lot but I think it works around it well enough, as did the Spider-chan anime.(forget about that one already?)
Anyway, I plan to catch up to SpyxFamily, Urusei Yatsura, and Mob Psycho 3(which I already know the ending of as I read the entire thing in One's manga style) tomorrow. I do want to put more work in to the site as well... so hold me accountable!!!
Gummy!!! You have to finish working on the OC page tomorrow, at the very least!

Nov. 13th, 2022 at 2PM

Time for more bitching!~ At least it's not like, health problems and such. I absolutely have to stay away from Twitter man- half the reason I started this website was to get away from modern social media, but I swear to god every time I go on twitter I want to argue with people. There's a lot of folk who just have no common sense or don't really belong on the internet or I'd go so far as to say shouldn't put their thoughts on the web on that site. That's not really even me just being mean, it's just that there's tens of thousands of people echoing the same thing over and over like they're trying to confirm these things to themselves. ....Yes this was about Sonic. I recently looked at the cutscenes and whooo boy are they just the lowest effort thing I've seen them put out in ten years. Forces had better cutscenes. Really. Also, Eggman being flanderized into being some caring father figure instead of a menacing evil force makes me so angry. God I miss the Archie Comics.
Now for things that aren't related to my distaste of Sonic Team; Blade & Sorcery might be one of my favorite VR games on the market. It has a huge modding community that try to upgrade the game FOR the devs at every turn (the devs are thankful for this) yet any time there's a new major update to the game, they break everything. This pisses me off so much. Like what's the point of thanking people and going out of your way to break stuff(it is actually intentional at times, I've been in their discord for a while.) That being said, holy shit the game is fun when you can get it to run. Though you'll spend hours actually fixing things before you get to play. Seriously, I was going to stream ahead Anonicus so I could raid em, and it took me two hours to get the game running past the infinite loading screen. I had to uninstall and reinstall before it would work. Insane.
Another topic; this time related to my blog post a few days ago. The Pokemon anime is coming to an actual end this time. The studios working on the anime have been hemorrhaging money for years, and it's come to a head with the latest installments of the show. Apparently, even Netflix can't- or maybe Netflix doesn't want to- save the anime. It was basically confirmed by some of the writers a couple weeks ago that this will be the end- and the newest episode basically shows that as the case as well. I'll be real it was... actually touching... There was a scene which reinvigorated Pikachu with the power of frenship basically- which is a very overused trope imo BUT it works here because it shows Pikachu's connection with LITERALLY EVERY POKEMON ASH HAS EVER CAUGHT OR HAD. I was like, almost crying dude. Pikachu then proceeds to one-shot the champion's Charizard. Also Ash+Dawn basically confirmed canon so let's gooooo. (Dawn was the best companion, fight me.)
Anyway, if you've read this far, I appreciate you- I love you- and I hope my whining doesn't drag you down too much.

Nov. 11th; 10:40pm:


November 11th, 2022 at 1:36PM

Yeah, hey guys. I haven't had time to change the did you know for today for a couple of good reasons. Aaaaaand I'm having yet another bad day, of course.
So, to start the morning off, while I was still feeling well enough to, I called quite a few orthodonic surgeons, only to find out that none of them would take the insurance I have. As unfortunate as that is, I feel that it's even more unfortunate due to recent changes in my brain activity or thought process. I've had so much brain fog and forgetfulness in the past like, week, it's not even funny. On top of that, a bunch of random pains in the back of my skull too. I believe I've let the problem teeth get so bad without care that I am reaching a critical point- I'm not a dentist, I can't be too sure of that.
Next, my girlfriend's mother came by. I don't want to be the kind of person who perpatuates that one trope where it's like "grrrr i hate the mom in law" but I don't like her that much. She's still very much a helicopter parent and also holds back my girlfriend from doing things she'd like to do in life. On top of that, my gf has that innate fear of moving farther away from her because she's worried about what might happen if she needs her or something. I'll admit, I'm also like this with my mother, but my mom doesn't treat everything I do as an affront to god. Her mom and I've got into a shouting match years ago, over taking me to the doctor at one point. I had an emergency and our vehicle broke down, and my gf asker her mom if she'd take me on the way to the store. Her mom said yes, and it came to a head when she got here that she never had any intention of doing so. I ended up having to sit in a massive amount of pain while I waited for my gf to try and get the neighbors to help.
It might seem like I fall on hard times more often than I'm not but... I kinda do! Lol! I hope I'm able to come back with news that is actually nice soon..... Oh wait, that stye from a few days ago went away! That's good news! (❁´◡`❁)

November 8th, 2022 at 11:20AM

This sucks man. I think this is the first time I've had something like this. A story:
Last night, I was having a great time with my girlfriend, admittedly after being extremely tired from social interaction online. We laid on the bed and replicated the PC screen over to the bigger TV to emulate Kirby and the Forgotten Land on. I wanted to stream this game a long time ago, like when it came out, but things just kept coming up so I've decided to play through it on my own time. A little upset they don't let you just play as bandana dee in 1p, but it's cool, it gave me something to do with my gf.
Anyway, it's a super charming little game, much better than I expected it would be when it was announced. Mouthful mode makes me feel icky. I LOVE having the option to upgrade abilities and the HATS CHANGE TOO it's so adorable.
bla bla bla, GET TO THE POINT GUMMY. Sure. Ok. Sorry. Just wanted to talk about a fun time.
Point being, I have a fucking stye on my inner eyelid. I literally just woke up with this. Completely out of nowhere. What the hell man. When I was younger I had a little trouble with acne because I constantly ate greasy foods, but I haven't really had that kind of issue in ages. Hooooly hell this is uncomfortable. I'm going to the doc's later today to see if I can get eye drops or something to fix this.

November 6th, 2022 at 7PM

Well... Am I buying Sonic Frontiers?


I was originally going to host my second Twitch Subathon during the days of the 7th and the 8th, leading to us ultimately playing Frontiers on stream the moment it unlocked. I think that plan has changed. There's some things I've read in leaks on /v/ about the game that don't particularly sit well with me. For one, forcing IDW canon in the game is a mistake in my opinion. Is it cool to make new characters in the canon? Sure! I love the Archie comics and that world so much, it's personally one of my favorite long running series. They did it all the time.
The thing is, though..... It doesn't feel right to me. It doesn't feel earned for these IDW characters, that've been around for barely more than 50 issues, to just be canonized like that. You know what I AM happy about though? Sticks' canonization.
Look, the Boom series had it's problems (mainly the entirity of the games) but the television show was a genuinely witty and fun romp. I still find myself chuckling at some jokes, dry or not, when I have it on in the background for noise. That being said, none of the characters felt like they particularly FIT into the Sonic universe. In the case of Sticks though.... Well.
For some reason, in the Boom show, they don't even try to integrate her into the group. She's just there. You don't really get used to her being there until the end- and I'll say I did come to enjoy her character as well. Thinking on it, in the "canon" group of characters, there's just not really any other character out there that has that same paranoid, wild, borderline schizophrenic attitude to them. She could easily be introduced as her own character in universe, and not have any competing conflicting characters to contend with for that spot!
That's personally why I think that her canonization is a good thing. Now... Nearly all new IDW characters either feel very muted for very much similar to other characters that are already pre-existing, and on top of this, motivations in the IDW universe in general are not particularly fleshed out either. There's no real DRAMA to the story. You're just reading a cartoon, aimed at children and nothing but. I will say that once Evan Stanley started getting the chance to show her writing skills off, the stories started to mature a bit- and I SWEAR I'm not just saying that because I love her Silver fancomic.
All of this being said.... I've gone on enough about the comics and Boom... Another downside is definitely the lack of real momentum in the game. I've watched release footage, and there actually is some momentum! ....While Sonic is in the air, or from jumping and dashing. No real buildup on ground. I know this director is insane, he was the one who led the direction for Forces, but for christ sake- people could control SA1 Sonic just fine! I know it's about control, to give you an infinite level of control so that you're able to come to a stop whenever you want, but that isn't how Sonic rolls.
Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom, the game genuinely is beautiful. Like, damn. Course, the world was designed for PSO2 New Genesis and has the same team working on environments as well, so of COURSE it looks PRETTY. Game does look fun enough to be decent. fr. I'm not fucking around when I say that, despite all of the shittalk I've done here on it.
I just don't have the dosh. tee hee. (= ̄ω ̄=)
Sorry, about the rant, I'm just very passionate about some of my hyperfixations! (。・ω・。)


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