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  • Greggory
  • Ariz
  • Zael
  • Blanc
  • Mana
  • Anthem
  • Name: Greggory

    Created: 2019

    Likes: Chilling alone, romance movies

    Dislikes:Snuggling, loud noises, arguments

    Story: Greggory was originally a bleak character, based off similarly bleak characters who are rather edgy. What he became was rather mellow. He can use psychic powers from the tip of his tail, and honestly he just likes his alone time. His two spiral eyes are fake, the only real eye being his third eye. Quite insociable, he usually isolates himself and would rather not be in any real conflicts. He's also quite the tsundere.

    Name: Blanc (pronounced Blank)

    Created: 2020

    Likes: Working out, Greggory, action flicks

    Dislikes: Mushy and emotional stuff, Football, Gang members

    Story: Blanc started out as a counterpart to Greggory, she was meant to be his antithesis essentially. She's energetic, wild, loves confrontation, and is absolutely stacked-- strengthwise of course. She's of the same race as Greg, yet lacks the psychic powers that he does. She doesn't need them though, she could stomp anyone who stands in her way. She's head over heels for Greg though, and often smothers him with affection.

    Name: Ariz (pronounced Aries)

    Created: 2021

    Likes: Retro gaming, Sega, Raves, Museums

    Dislikes: Pushy guys, Violence

    Story: Ariz originally came to me in a dream, where she was a shorter redheaded girl with glasses. For some reason, when I woke up, I HAD to bring her into this world somehow. I settled on making her a mouse, where all of my OCs at the time were somewhat furry. She's the kind of person who'll talk your ear off about older games if you let her. Loves to gush and meeting new people.

    Name: Mana

    Created: 2022

    Likes: Getting her way, Blood, Spencer's

    Dislikes: Smart guys, cops, the twilight series

    Story: Mana is edgy. Yeah. She's a really bitchy succubus who's only concern is herself. Everything is all about her or she isn't doing it. It's not easy to take her by surprise. Fortunately for her, it was very easy for her to gather a social media following, looking so naturally gyaru. She also doesn't hide the fact that she's a demon, so fanatics swarm to her. This ensures she has a free river of food constantly flowing. I like to think her facial expressions really represent her personality cleanly. This girl is despicable and she WILL stomp on you.

    Name: Zael (From Azazael)

    Created: 2022

    Likes: Being Flirtatious, playing pranks, temperatures above 90°F

    Dislikes: church, baggy clothes, his father

    Story: Zael was created when I gave it some thought and realized I was making too many female OCs. He has a really simple story... He's a promiscuous femboy who was sent from hell by his father to torture humans and make them suffer. He really hates his father though, so he's decided he'll just integrate into human culture. He loves playing tricks on people, and he frequents bars to fool around with guys. He definitely has evil in his veins, but he will reject his heritage until the day he dies!(a very, very long time from now.)

    Name: Anthem

    Created: 2022

    Likes: Performing for an Audience, being kind to others, dressing up

    Dislikes: the Skulls' bar

    Story: Anthem was originally created when it was announced that Space Channel 5 was getting a movie! I was so excited, I began to base a character around idols-simply due to the connection that Ulala kind of has to them. Anthem is an android idol, created as a project to replace mainstream idols in the future. somehow the android grew a "soul" and began to disobey it's "producers" (technicians) it escapes and successfully carves its own idol career as it's the only thing it really knows, and being an idol makes it "feel happy." Unfortunately, due to being on the run from her creators and government, she's only able to perform in underground venues-- having the positive effect of more popularity for those studios. Her story is very dystopian.

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